SkyHorn is an innovative crane safety device that gives the operator a wirelessly activated warning horn. SkyHorn is located at the hook-block, dramatically increasing the operators warning potential and ground worker awareness, due to SkyHorns close proximity to the load position.

Construction sites are extremely hazardous. Job site's have many compounding noises including trucks, machines, and tools. This, along with increasingly more demanding deadlines and building requirements, affect everyone on the job-site. Workers are required to keep up with this pace, which can decrease their ability to thoughtfully recognize dangers and hazards, especially overhead.

The crane operates above these workers, often carrying load weights that can exceed 10,000 lbs. This current interaction between the worker, the crane, and the crane operator, without SkyHorn, poses serious dangers.

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client testimonials

I have been running cranes for around 13 years… I have been using my horn for just shy of a year. With just a simple touch on the foot pedal, it has made life so much easier and safer to operate the crane. I never would have imagined that we would have a way to alert guys through out the job when the hook is near them. I honestly do not think I could do another job without one. If you have not had a chance to try one, I strongly recommend every construction site give it a shot!”

Chris Hunt

I have been a crane operator for 37 years. I operated Tower cranes for 25 years and mobile cranes for 12. Since this new horn block has come on the market I have noticed an increase in productivity as well as safety. Some of the main problems on construction sites has always been not being able to hear tower crane horns, now, wherever that load block is you can always hear the horn no matter what. Even if the crane is behind an object or structure with the load block, the horn can still be heard.

Bruce Harbin