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SkyHorn improves jobsite efficiency by increasing communication.

who we are

Safe and Sound technologies was created with integrity and respect for the safety and well being of all men and women in hazardous working environments.

Our family has been in the construction industry for three generations . We lack no experience in the industry and take matters to heart involving any injury on a job site, most especially ones that could have been prevented. Construction work is hard and intense. “Nobody hurt is a good day at work” has been a saying in our family for decades. We rely on our co-workers like family to protect and prevent each other from injury everyday.

Our Mission

The Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent data on crane accidents dates back to 2006, in that year there were 72 fatalities in the U.S. caused by crane accidents.

  • Over a ten-year period, from 1997-2006, crane accidents were were responsible for 818 workplace fatalities.
  • 90% of those that were reported, found to be directly attributed to human error.
  • Relying on co-workers to notify you of hazardous situations has become commonplace.

OUR process is simple: we target human error through comprehensive research in hazardous industries. After defining the problem, we implement Safe and Sound solutions to produce efficient and reliable technology for hard working, at risk, persons.

Our Horn mounts to the crane’s Hook-Block for increased
awareness around the hook and work-deck

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