Every individual on the job site reserves the right to a safe working environment.

Attach the SkyHorn to the hook block in minutes. All components are specifically designed and included in your SkyHorn purchase. The crane operator warning remains in the operators control.

Skyhorn products are individually paired allowing for job sites of larger scale to have increased awareness. You will have the ability to install a Skyhorn device on multiple cranes in close proximity. Each operator remains in control of each device. Nearby multiple devices do not affect the functionality of each individual device.

How it works

  • SkyHorn improves awareness on the job site

  • Provides operators with increased ability to communicate with workers on the ground

  • Gains rigger attention for quicker load hookup and unhook.

A Solution

Every individual on the job site reserves the right to a safe working environment. Up until now the current warning horn used by cranes has been unable to properly warn workers of the crane’s load position.

Through its innovative design, SkyHorn has the ability to bring situational awareness vital to a safe job site. Attached to the crane block, SkyHorn offers an optimal position for increasing awareness of workers in close proximity to the load—vastly improving their ability to hear and respect our alarm, and ultimately, the crane.

Throughout our research and development, SkyHorn was tested on over 25 cranes with many operators. This process highlighted areas of concern that SkyHorn addresses. First, from the crane operator’s viewpoint there is a hazardous blind spot that occurs below the load and obstructs his view of what, or who, may be under the load- SkyHorn is effective in alerting in these situations.

Operator blindspots can also occur behind columns, shear-walls, and hoisting down near a leading edge. SkyHorn, being fixed to the hook-block, allows for warning directly over the load in these situations.This is especially important when you consider that deck workers are often task focused, and concentrated on their work, downward, or in front of them. SkyHorn gives workers on the deck a comfort in being able to identify the crane's overhead load position, audibly, and remain working comfortably.

Our Horn mounts to the crane’s Hook-Block for increased
awareness around the hook and work-deck

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